Leawo iTransfer 1.4.0

Leawo iTransfer is a piece of fantastic software to transfer audios, videos, documents, ringtones, apps, images, and photos among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs. It is easy to use and the transfer is fast and stable. It supports Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, and works with latest iPhone, iPad and iPod. Moreover, this software is able to transfer the files which are downloaded from computer or another source and cannot be transferred back to a PC by iTunes.

Leawo iTransfer will make iPhone transfer, iPad transfer and iPod transfer more simple and direct: the files in iPhone, iPad or iPod can be directly browsed and checked in the window of the software; the files will be directly sent to the target folders, so it is not necessary to sync iPhone, iPad or iPod with iTunes; the software can be used as a backup tool, and backing up all the iOS devices files with it is just a piece of cake; with the help of this transfer tool, iPhone, iPad and iPod will work as Flash disks to store files of any formats even incompatible ones.
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74 votes Vote

Make it available for Android devices.

dukecityman, 26.05.2013, 08:23
23 votes Vote

Make it compatible with Windows Phone 8, Blackberry 10, Meego, Android and Symbian.

Make it work across all devices so that it can be used by everyone.
Sean Prut, 26.05.2013, 10:23
15 votes Vote

fix the misspelling of 'transfer' that appears when you click the arrow icon prior to transfering files from iPhone to PC

klever, 26.05.2013, 13:07
12 votes Vote

Convert MP3s to ringtone files

mike, 26.05.2013, 15:19
10 votes Vote

let it work with older versions of itunes, atleast to be able to start the app and register

I detest the new version of itunes, and I still would like to use the app for older devices
inifnity, 26.05.2013, 18:48
7 votes Vote

Make the shortcut appear on the window context menu (right click) on any targeted file

Window context menu integration
ITbomb, 26.05.2013, 16:05
5 votes Vote

Make it work for Windows Phone 8 devices.

Make it work for Windows Phone 8 devices.
Bob, 26.05.2013, 15:40